Flotilla 12-4 Member Training Resources:

Flotilla 12-4's ICS Training Site - this training is mandatory! Please keep yourself current.
Auxiliary National Testing Center - will open in a new window. Has resources for taking tests on-line and study materials. Close that window to return to the Flotilla 12-4 site.
Flotilla 12-4's Boat Crew Training Site
Vessel Examiner (VE) and Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) Visitor Program Training Materials
Auxiliary Instructor Development Course (IDC)
  - IDC Student Course Book
  - Student Study Guide, Appendix A
  - Performance Qualification System (PQS) Workbook, Appendix B
Telecommunications Operator Qualification
  - Telecommunications Operator Personal Qualification Standard (TC PQS)
  - Telecommunications Operator Qualification Mentoring Guide
Auxiliary Air Program Training
  - AuxAir Training Manual
AUXAPC - Auxiliary Procedures Course
  - Student Study Guide
  - Instructor Guide
AUXOP Courses:
AUXCOM - Auxiliary Communications
  - Student Study Guide (COMDTPUB P16790.1 (series))
  - Instructor Manual (COMDTPUB P16794.33B) (not currently available)
  - AUXCOM PowerPoint Slides
AUXACN - Auxiliary Advanced Coastal Navigation (formerly AUXNAV)
  - Student Text Not Available On-Line
  - AUXACN PowerPoint Slides
AUXPAT - Auxiliary Patrols
  - Student Study Guide (COMDTPUB P16794.28A) (not currently available)
  - Instructor Manual (COMDTPUB P16794.27A) (not currently available)
AUXSAR - Auxiliary Search & Rescue
  - Student Study Guide (COMDTPUB P16794.35B) (not currently available)
  - Instructor Manual (COMDTPUB P16794.36B) (not currently available)
AUXSEA - Auxiliary Seamanship
  - Student Study Guide (COMDTPUB P16794.42) (not currently available)
  - Instructor Manual (COMDTPUB P16794.41) (not currently available)
  - AUXSEA PowerPoint Slides
AUXWEA - Auxiliary Weather
  - Student Study Guide

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Coast Guard Auxiliary

12-4, The Los Angeles Flotilla
A unit of Division 12, Eleventh Coast Guard District, Southern Region